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WestJet 20170801

Canadian airlines are lining up to offer the latest trend in air travel: cheap, no-frills fares. But experts warn that the discount fares may not always be the best deal for passengers.

9/24/2017 3:00:00 AM


Chancellor Angela Merkel has claimed a mandate to form a new German government after her conservatives beat their rivals on Sunday to win her a fourth term, in an election that will also bring an anti-immigrant, anti-EU party into Germany's parliament.

9/23/2017 10:36:50 PM


Stevie Wonder, Kumail Nanjiani and LeBron James are just some of the high-profile figures speaking up in the developing sports feud with Donald Trump.

9/24/2017 11:38:16 AM

APTOPIX Tennessee Church Shooting

Police in Nashville said Sunday a gunman has been captured after opening fire at a church, killing one and wounding seven.

9/24/2017 11:52:46 AM

Bangladesh Myanmar Attacks

The massive exodus of Rohingya Muslims fleeing Myanmar to escape brutal persecution appears to have slowed down, but several recent refugees say tens of thousands more are huddled near beaches or in forests waiting to escape.

9/24/2017 2:43:14 PM


North Korean diplomats were set to sit right in front of Donald Trump when the U.S. president took the UN stage and threatened North Korea — but left without hearing the speech. The exchanges are hitting a nerve around the world, including in Seoul, and not so much because of Kim's nuclear threat.

9/24/2017 6:20:10 AM

Puerto Rico Hurricane Maria

Puerto Rico's government says engineers will inspect the Guajataca Dam on Sunday to determine the extent of damage inflicted by Hurricane Maria last week.

9/24/2017 12:56:10 PM

Trump US Kuwait

U.S. President Donald Trump is expected to announce new restrictions on travel to the United States as his ban on visitors from six Muslim-majority countries expires today, 90 days after it went into effect.

9/24/2017 9:25:15 AM

Mexico Earthquake

A magnitude 5.7 earthquake strikes off the Mexican west coast on Sunday as the country is still reeling from Tuesday's deadly, devastating quake that has left survivors with a long path to recovery and an uncertain future.

9/24/2017 8:37:19 AM

North Korea Missile

Should the nuclear crisis between the United States and North Korea escalate beyond hurling test missiles and insults like "madman" and "dotard," the list of possible effects is a long and frightening one, according to experts sharing some of the ramifications to human health, the environment and technology.

9/23/2017 3:15:51 PM

Syrian officers

Russia has been at war in Syria since September 2015, supporting President Bashar al-Assad. Ever since, its military has been bringing reporters from Moscow to showcase what it says are the positive aspects of Russia's involvement in Syria's six-year civil war.

9/24/2017 7:00:00 AM

perth train man

Dozens of motorists in Perth, Australia, watched a man clinging to the outside of a moving train on Saturday afternoon.

9/24/2017 1:57:30 PM

prince harry meghan markle composite

His Invictus Games just started, but Prince Harry has been popping up all over Toronto, and with each stop, anticipation builds: Will his girlfriend, Meghan Markle, show up, too?

9/24/2017 3:00:00 AM

Smoking marijuana

Health Canada is seeking a contractor to develop a campaign targeting young Canadians about the risks of using cannabis.

9/24/2017 5:00:00 AM

Sheza Hasan

When Sheza Hasan came home earlier this week, she was surprised to find a mysterious box had been left on her front porch. When she opened it up, she found 25 handmade dolls made of fabric and sporting a variety of colourful outfits.

9/24/2017 4:00:00 AM