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Trump Russia Probe

Special counsel Robert Mueller turns over his long-awaited final report on the contentious Russia investigation that has cast a dark shadow over Donald Trump's presidency.

3/22/2019 3:09:22 PM

Senate Attorney General

The public has been waiting 21 months for special counsel Robert Mueller to share the findings of his investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 U.S. presidential election and possible collusion with Donald Trump's campaign. Here's what could happen next.

3/8/2019 3:00:00 AM

Sask Bus Crash Sentencing 20190322

The truck driver who caused the deadly Humboldt Broncos bus crash a year ago was sentenced to eight years in prison when he appeared in a Melfort, Sask., court Friday.

3/22/2019 2:00:00 AM

SNC Lavalin 20190227

Jody Wilson-Raybould says she will provide a written statement and copies of text messages and emails to the Commons justice committee that shut down its probe into the SNC-Lavalin affair.

3/22/2019 9:11:28 AM

Vase with Poppies Vincent Van Gogh

A painting at a Connecticut museum that has long been thought to be by Vincent Van Gogh is authenticated as such by Dutch researchers.

3/22/2019 6:22:30 PM

US North Korea

U.S. President Donald Trump tweeted Friday that he had reversed his administration's decision to slap new sanctions on North Korea — a move that left officials at the Treasury Department and observers across Washington scratching their heads.

3/22/2019 2:09:39 AM

Northern lights

A spot on the sun released an explosion that is on its way to Earth and could give us a good chance of catching the northern lights on Saturday.

3/22/2019 1:42:11 PM

Oratory police rector attack

A priest at Montreal's renowned Saint Joseph's Oratory was stabbed in the chest Friday while delivering morning mass, shocking parishioners and those watching a live stream of the service from home.

3/22/2019 7:21:58 AM


A closer look at the day's most notable stories with The National's Jonathon Gatehouse: North Korea pulls inwards; British PM Theresa May has failed to get the three-month Brexit extension she wanted from the EU, and now faces the wrath of MPs back home; online uproar over Dumbledore.

3/22/2019 12:37:12 PM

Canola WATB

Chinese importers are unwilling to purchase Canadian canola seed at the moment, according to the group that represents the industry in Canada.

3/22/2019 7:14:42 AM


People of all faiths held hands to create a symbolic ring of peace outside a Toronto mosque today as worshippers attended Friday prayers for the first time since the mass shootings of Muslims in New Zealand.

3/22/2019 12:23:55 PM

Humboldt Broncos sticks at memorial site March 21, 2019

Loved ones of many of the 16 people killed and 13 injured when the Humboldt Broncos team bus collided with a semi last April submitted victim impact statements to the court as part of the process.

3/22/2019 10:20:34 AM


The gun-policy changes were dramatic and, remarkably, for a Western nation with a powerful pro-firearms lobby, they came swiftly. But this was the New Zealand parliament, not the United States government. And one shouldn't expect the U.S. to follow New Zealand's lead.

3/22/2019 2:00:00 AM


Hundreds of thousands of people scrambled for shelter, food and water across a swathe of southern Africa on Friday after a cyclone claimed more than 500 lives and swept away homes and roads, testing relief efforts for survivors.

3/22/2019 4:09:09 AM

David Jackel

Last-minute cancellations are the top complaint for Airbnb guests. But what's the home-sharing platform doing about it?

3/22/2019 2:00:18 AM