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Hidden camera - nursing home footage

A data analysis of the most serious breaches of Ontario’s long-term care home safety legislation reveals that six in seven care homes are repeat offenders, and there are virtually no consequences for homes that break that law repeatedly.

10/23/2020 3:00:00 AM

COVID Que 20200927

While Canada is still faring better than many countries, it has lost its coveted image as a nation widely recognized as having flattened the COVID-19 curve after EU removes Canadians from its list of approved travellers.

10/23/2020 3:00:00 AM
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In this week's issue of our environment newsletter, we look at ways to reduce the waste around trick-or-treating and some of the hurdles to widespread electric-vehicle adoption in Canada.

10/22/2020 1:32:57 PM

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10/23/2020 4:30:00 AM

Mark Carney

The UN’s Special Envoy on Climate Action and Finance lays out “the greatest commercial opportunity of our times” and where Canada can lead.

10/23/2020 3:00:00 AM


The chief negotiators of the United Kingdom and the European Union will meet on Friday for intensive negotiations on a last-minute trade deal that would stave off a tumultuous finale to the five-year Brexit crisis.

10/23/2020 2:56:00 AM

Toronto garbage collectors

Ontario’s large cities may be left scrambling to find space for their garbage because of new legislation that makes it much harder to build landfills in the province.

10/23/2020 3:00:00 AM

Six Nations 1492 Land Back Lane

Blazing wooden pallets and tires blocked one side of a street leading into a southern Ontario community on Thursday, after a skirmish between police and members of a First Nation land reclamation camp. 

10/22/2020 12:53:46 PM

Hoover TPS press conference

Calvin Hoover, who died by suicide in 2015, will never know that it was his own distant relatives' use of a genealogy website that helped police and forensic genealogists label him as a Christine Jessop's murderer.

10/23/2020 3:00:00 AM

CP Rail Crash Field BC

Transport Canada has concluded CP Rail failed to properly identify safety hazards in the B.C. mountains following a workplace fatality investigation into a train derailment which killed three workers, CBC News has learned.

10/23/2020 3:00:00 AM

Turkey China Uighurs

China’s foreign ministry is lashing out at Canada after a House of Commons subcommittee concluded that the state's mistreatment of Uighurs living in Xinjiang province is tantamount to genocide.

10/22/2020 1:10:41 PM

NS Shootings March 20200722

The commissioners conducting a public inquiry into the April 2020 mass shooting in Nova Scotia have started their work, federal Public Safety Minister Bill Blair said Thursday.

10/22/2020 3:37:29 PM

COVID Que 20201015

Quebec Premier François Legault’s popularity is due in part to how he’s navigated the relationship between language and race, often playing one against the other. But in addressing the uOttawa controversy, he is risking political capital when it comes to confronting a movement demanding systemic change.

10/22/2020 6:02:37 PM